All you need to know

What is this?

Furrybound is a public Starbound server running on a powerful dedicated host and through a heavily customized wrapper to add plenty of custom features. It also uses a regularly updated mod pack to add depth tools and weapons to fuel your creativity with more races and items to let you choose what you are going to be.

Furry friendly?

The server is hosted, maintained and populated mostly by players in the furry fandom. Since the game offers plenty of modification opportunities, we liked the idea of leaving humans on earth and letting other species roam the galaxies. While it's common for players to roleplay, our staff makes sure that it's never a nuisance for the other users, but rarely any action needs to be taken. We're a friendly community and whether you're fluffy, scaly or smooth, we won't bite you.

Note: if you ask for it, someone probably will bite you. This website or its developers in no way condone, endorse or take responsibility for such behavior. Or maybe we do. Join to find out.

What's special about this server?

  • Actively maintained, performant, and exclusive internally developed framework.
  • Friendly community, we don't judge you for who you like to be, we're all here to make it real.
  • If you're a furry you'll feel at home. If not, you'll do so anyway because the spawn planet rocks.
  • Build protection! If you claim a planet, you choose who can build on it. Nobody else can modify the world (including destructive guns).
  • Want RP? Go for it. Want to explore? No problem! Want to kill players, plunder or destroy? Nuuuuh... ;_;
  • User registration, while not required, binds your important data to a username rather than single characters. It also secures your name for you so nobody else can take it.
  • Log on your account and interact with in-game players directly from your browser.
  • One of the admins stalks AFK players, throws thousands of pizzas at them and then watches the reaction from a safe distance when they realize their inventory is filled with food. Exciting!

Okay, how do I try this?

Install the modpack, open Starbound and after choosing your character or making a new one, type star.furrybound.com in the Host field. After that, you can either beam down or register right away and begin exploring. Have fun!

Server Stats

Host: star.furrybound.com

Mumble server: furrybound.com


Please report any bug on our forum thread.